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    From the world's first globally live-streamed surgical procedure using Google Glass, our portfolio has steadily grown and so has our team. As leaders in digital health education we will continue to incorporate new technologies onto our exciting and engaging online platform. Have a look at some of the passionate people working on Virtual Medics:

    Mr Shafi Ahmed

    Founding Partner

    Shafi is a highly experienced general and colorectal surgeon, operating at The Royal London Hospital. In 2007, he was appointed as a Consultant General, Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Barts and The London NHS trust. In 2014, as a co-founder of Virtual Medics, he performed the world's first globally live-streamed surgical procedure using Google Glass, watched live by over 13,000 students in over 112 countries.

    Dr Oliver Trampleasure

    Founding Partner

    With almost a decade of work in the field of digital education, Oliver has established himself as an expert in the field. After graduating from medical school at Barts & The London, combining this with his expertise in online learning to co-found Virtual Medics. Oliver led the development of our online platform, and sees the innovation of medical education as an integral part of healthcare.

     @ojtramp      oliver@virtualmedics.org

    Dr Ali Jawad

    Founding Partner 

    Currently an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow, Ali has so far spent his career involved in education and innovation, with a background in graphic design, charities and management. He has published and presented his research internationally, and continues to advocate research-led innovation in health education. Ali hopes our work will inspire others and foster collaboration globally.

     @aj_jawad           ali@virtualmedics.org

    Dr William English


    A surgical trainee in London, William has worked in East London for the past 3 years and is currently the Surgical Education Fellow at The Royal London Hospital. He has extensive experience in delivering undergraduate surgical education at England’s oldest medical school Barts & The London, he was responsible for co-ordinating surgical teaching to their 1500 medical students and was made an Honorary Clinical Lecturer.


    Victoria Buckle


    Victoria has helped develop the concepts behind the Remote Online Surgical Education (R.O.S.E.) Programme and leads our post-graduate trauma training project facilitating reflection of London Air Ambulance trainees. She has a background in higher education, digital content creation and design. Currently she is overseeing the validation studies examining our initial surgical skills material before we move to a multi-site model.