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5 billion people lack access to safe surgery, 2 billion of them will die because of this. We need to train 2.2 million more surgeons and associated staff by 2030 to meet this need.

Commision on Global Surgery, The Lancet

Medical education has remained largely unchanged for the past two centuries - existing infrastructures are running beyond capacity. A dramatic new approach must be taken to address global health needs.

Photo: John Scully (Ex-Apple CEO) taught suturing remotely

Our Remote Online Surgical Education (R.O.S.E.) Programme will deliver high quality education anywhere in the world.

Video: worlds first Google Glass surgical teaching (BBC News & ITV News)

Technology can be used to enhanced learning with both undergraduates and postgraduates, Virtual Medics believe uses where technology does not detract from face-to-face teaching but complements it is a key move to the future.

Photo: Post-graduate training with London's Air Ambulance